About me

Dobar dan, zovem se Yuri. I am a seasoned expat, who spent almost 8 years of his life in the Czech Republic (and several months in Morocco too), and in 2021 I moved to Serbia. I am a software engineer by profession, and if you curious about my professional career, you can read my technical blog. I also have published two IT books and numerous articles. In other words, this is not my first writing experience. I started the ExpatSlavia blog, when I decided to relocate to Serbia from the Czech Republic. There is not so much useful information in English for future expats – and what you can find is almost crap and is not correct in any way. My mission is to document my experience of my expat life on Balkans as well of learning Serbian and travel tips for visitors. I strongly believe that Balkan countries are hidden gems of Europe. You can read more about my vision of this blog.

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