About this blog

In 2020, in the year of the pandemic, I decided to move from the Czech Republic to Balkans. Those days I had no idea that it would happen (my first thoughts came about January). But as you know, then borders were closed and for a year and a half I stayed in the same spot. During these days I tried to get as much useful information about relocation to Serbia, like how to open a company in Serbia (I am a tech entrepreneur), how to get a residence permit, renting a flat (pretty new experience for me, as in Prague I was a landlord myself) how to buy a phone etc. As well more everyday topics, like what about gyms, what about shopping and things like that.

The mission

I was quite disappointed, that there is not so much useful information about Serbia for prospective expats. And that is sooooo sad – I felt in love with the country from the first minute I landed in the Nikola Tesla airport. In the Czech Republic, there were expat communities, expat websites that give you tons of useful info, and they helped me a lot during my day to day life. And here was that “aha” moment – if something does not exist, I will build my own!

The mission of this blog is to collect my experience of living as an expat in Serbia as well to provide useful tips to visitors of the region of ex-Yugoslavia, as these countries are really hidden gems of Europe.

The name

After weeks of brainstorming I decided to call my new project ExpatSlavia. There are reasons behind and let me to explain them. First thing first, I want to go beyond just Serbia and share my experience about other countries that were part of ex-Yugoslavia. Also, I lived in another Slavic country for many years (more than 1/4 of my life on 2021) – the Czech Republic and was born in Russia – the biggest Slavic country in the world. That reminded me a Latin term “Slavia” that means “lands of Slavs”. Finally, I am a fan of Slavia Prague team, so the word is also borrowed from there.

Now seriously. The former Yugoslavia and its people suffered a lot in their history and particularly at the end of the 20 century. When I chose the name for the blog, I was aware, that for some folks the term “Yugoslavia” is offensive, due to political reasons. I totally agree with pan Palivec, when he says, that “politics is for preschool children”. That why we left politics aside from this blog. There is Facebook for that (for politics and for preschool children). And don’t forget that those who start wars never send their children there.

Pan Palivec – the one who is staying (from the Dobry Vojak Svejk movie, 1957)

So, if you are an expat living in Serbia, let connect. If you are Serbian and want to share something with me – also let connect. If you have plans to visit the region – and in this case I encourage you to connect with me.

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